Friday, January 29, 2016



First of all, I don't know what is wrong with my thermometer, but it should say that my goal is $20,000, and that I have so far raised about $10,100...I don't know what it's issue is, but I will work on it!

Second...I thought that I had to update my home study for my USCIS renewal...turns out, I need a whole new home study!!  $700.  My home study agency is very good to me...normally they would have charged $1400, but they gave me a discount.  I am eternally grateful.  But it needs to be in to the USCIS people by February 9...they promise me that we can do it!!  They are really good to me, and I believe it will happen.

I am really hoping my sister can accompany me on the trip...she is nervous about flying, but would love the opportunity to visit a foreign country.  Our only obstacle will be if we can afford a ticket for her.

I do have a Facebook auction at which you will hopefully take a look.  I appreciate all bids, and I have some great items without bids!!

I appreciate all who have donated, prayed, and sent good thoughts our way.  I am so looking forward to bringing my little Violet home...and once again, when my FSP reaches $12,500, I will reveal her new name!!



Saturday, January 9, 2016

More donations!!

Hi All!!

I just checked my FSP a couple of days ago, and it had climbed by about $10.00.  I checked today, and another $3,100.00 had been donated!  I don't know who has been donating so much lately, but you know who you are, and you are truly appreciated!  What it means to me is, I get to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a Mama.  What it means to Violet is, she only has to spend another month or two in an orphanage, and gets to come home to a family that loves her more than anything else in the world!

I made a promise a week or so ago that when my FSP reaches $12,500.00, I will reveal the name that has finally been chosen for her once she's adopted.  We are less than $250.00 away from that goal now, and I will keep my promise!  I had originally planned to wait until Gotcha Day to reveal her name, but not now!!

Once my thermometer reaches $20,000.00, I should be fully funded (which will include plane tickets for both me and my sister, and one for Violet to come home)!

I really think Violet and I are perfect for each other.  She has so much energy that she'll keep my running, which will make my doctor happy!  I have always wanted a little girl, and since I was about 19, have fantasized about having a little girl with Down syndrome, so she's already everything I ever wanted!!  She loves to cuddle and rock, loves to play with kitchen utensils, and loves to eat cake.  She loves to play in the water, so I believe she will love the ocean as much as I do.  My sister (although she would never admit it) is almost as excited to get her home as I once again, we are all very grateful for everything you all have done for us!!

Please keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts!  You will forever be in ours, as we could never truly repay you for all you have done!!  Blessings on you and yours~~~