Friday, October 16, 2015

I am so excited to announce that I received an anonymous $5000 donation to my FSP!!  This lifts a huge burden off of me and I am so grateful!!

I expect to travel for my gotcha trip in February, and even though she has a massive fear of flying, my sister has graciously agreed to go with me.  This lifts another huge burden, as I was wondering how I was going to navigate airports with a rambunctious little girl and luggage.

I was also able to finally switch off the graveyard shift at work, and feel so much better physically, which will also help greatly when Violet comes home.  I feel like everything is falling into place and I am so excited!!  Thanks to having a terrific boss, I know that my travel in February will be no issue, and I am excited to go back to the beautiful country my little one currently calls home.  I have recently found cookbooks about the food from her country, and plan to learn some recipes to make the transition to the new culture a little easier.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate everyone that has helped me get to this place.  I never could have done it without your support!!  I love you all!