Friday, March 18, 2016

Great news!!

Hello All!!

I have heard from my agency that I have tentative travel dates for the end of this month.  This is so exciting!  We could potentially be home by the end of April.  I am so lucky that I have kind, generous coworkers who have gifted me some vacation time that I can use for maternity leave as my company does not offer it for adoptions.

I still owe my agency $4500, and travel expenses...I'm guessing to be about $2000...conservatively. As I have little time left, I am reopening my puzzle fundraiser...I have a Wizard of Oz puzzle...was using it as a fundraiser in the past...only got about 15 donations on the pieces...for a $5 donation to my FSP, comment your name on this blog, and I will put your name on the back of a puzzle piece to show Violet you helped bring her home!  Angeline VanHalle is also having an Origami Owl fundraiser to help bring Violet home, and any purchases there are greatly appreciated!  The link is here:

Any help you could throw our way is appreciated!!  And the offer still stands...when my FSP reaches 12,500, I will share my little one's name!

I am thinking I will be fully funded at $17,825 on the FSP.  I often wonder if I will be able to make it, but it has amazed me how far we've come in the last few months.  Thank you to all who have donated, prayed and sent good vibrations our can never know what this has meant to me, and to Violet!  Love to all of you eternally!!


Thursday, February 25, 2016


It has been a whirlwind week and a half.  My stepfather died suddenly on February 15th, and while we are all very thankful that he went quickly and is no longer in the massive pain he had been suffering for the past few months, it was still a shock, and particularly traumatic for my mother.  So amidst funeral plans and viewings and still going to work, I missed a great deal of sleep.  Then, there was a full moon that has lasted practically all week, and as those who work in health care or law enforcement are aware, it makes for a miserable work environment.  I work 12 hour shifts Sundays through Tuesdays, and let me tell you, they were all horrible!  Glad the work week is over!!

So, now that this is all behind me, I received both USCIS clearance and NVC numbers.  I expect to hear about travel dates in the next couple of weeks!!!  I am about $3000 short for agency fees, and I am guessing I'll need about $2000 for airfare.  I am so excited that I will finally get back to Violet so soon!  My sister's passport arrived in time so she will be able to go with me, which will make navigating the airports on the way home so much easier!  I am so excited, but am having some mixed emotions...I feel bad that Charlie (my stepfather) won't get to meet Violet, and am worried about leaving my mother so soon after his passing...she's taking it harder than I thought she would.  Prayers for her healing would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and I almost forgot...amidst all of this chaos, I turned 42.  I don't feel that old...except at the end of my work week!  Also, my offer still stands to reveal Violet's new name once my FSP reaches $12,500!

Thanks for all you have done!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sad news

My stepfather passed away suddenly Monday afternoon.  He and my mother had been married close to 32 years, and he died of a massive heart attack as she was trying to get him into the car to take him to the doctor.  He will be greatly missed.  He was a great supporter of me in various capacities over the years, and he was an avid supporter of me adopting Violet.  I am very sad that he will never get to meet her, and she him.

If you could keep our family in your prayers during this time, it would be greatly appreciated.  I am hoping to travel next month or so for the "Gotcha trip" and believe I am about $4500 short of being fully funded...which is amazing, considering where I was when I met Violet in September.  Your continued support is appreciated!

Thank you all!


Friday, January 29, 2016



First of all, I don't know what is wrong with my thermometer, but it should say that my goal is $20,000, and that I have so far raised about $10,100...I don't know what it's issue is, but I will work on it!

Second...I thought that I had to update my home study for my USCIS renewal...turns out, I need a whole new home study!!  $700.  My home study agency is very good to me...normally they would have charged $1400, but they gave me a discount.  I am eternally grateful.  But it needs to be in to the USCIS people by February 9...they promise me that we can do it!!  They are really good to me, and I believe it will happen.

I am really hoping my sister can accompany me on the trip...she is nervous about flying, but would love the opportunity to visit a foreign country.  Our only obstacle will be if we can afford a ticket for her.

I do have a Facebook auction at which you will hopefully take a look.  I appreciate all bids, and I have some great items without bids!!

I appreciate all who have donated, prayed, and sent good thoughts our way.  I am so looking forward to bringing my little Violet home...and once again, when my FSP reaches $12,500, I will reveal her new name!!



Saturday, January 9, 2016

More donations!!

Hi All!!

I just checked my FSP a couple of days ago, and it had climbed by about $10.00.  I checked today, and another $3,100.00 had been donated!  I don't know who has been donating so much lately, but you know who you are, and you are truly appreciated!  What it means to me is, I get to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a Mama.  What it means to Violet is, she only has to spend another month or two in an orphanage, and gets to come home to a family that loves her more than anything else in the world!

I made a promise a week or so ago that when my FSP reaches $12,500.00, I will reveal the name that has finally been chosen for her once she's adopted.  We are less than $250.00 away from that goal now, and I will keep my promise!  I had originally planned to wait until Gotcha Day to reveal her name, but not now!!

Once my thermometer reaches $20,000.00, I should be fully funded (which will include plane tickets for both me and my sister, and one for Violet to come home)!

I really think Violet and I are perfect for each other.  She has so much energy that she'll keep my running, which will make my doctor happy!  I have always wanted a little girl, and since I was about 19, have fantasized about having a little girl with Down syndrome, so she's already everything I ever wanted!!  She loves to cuddle and rock, loves to play with kitchen utensils, and loves to eat cake.  She loves to play in the water, so I believe she will love the ocean as much as I do.  My sister (although she would never admit it) is almost as excited to get her home as I once again, we are all very grateful for everything you all have done for us!!

Please keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts!  You will forever be in ours, as we could never truly repay you for all you have done!!  Blessings on you and yours~~~

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Second PM Approval

Hi All,

I received my second PM approval for the adoption yesterday!  Everything is getting closer.  It should be about 2-3 months now before I travel to go to court, get Violet, and bring her home.  It is still up in the air whether my sister will get to go with me, which would make things easier, but ultimately, either way, I am so excited.  The problem is, I cannot sleep tonight and need to work a 12 hour shift in the morning!!

I am very humbled by the generous donations I have received from family, friends, and anonymous sources without which I could never have come this far in this journey.  I appreciate the prayers and positive thoughts I have received as much you all have helped my daughter and I has not gone unnoticed, and you are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you all so much for all you have done.

I have finally settled on what her name will has been years of back and forth, and I am not revealing what her name will be at this time...I plan to reveal it when the adoption is final, but I may cave before then...I am weak!

Love to you all...

Friday, October 16, 2015

I am so excited to announce that I received an anonymous $5000 donation to my FSP!!  This lifts a huge burden off of me and I am so grateful!!

I expect to travel for my gotcha trip in February, and even though she has a massive fear of flying, my sister has graciously agreed to go with me.  This lifts another huge burden, as I was wondering how I was going to navigate airports with a rambunctious little girl and luggage.

I was also able to finally switch off the graveyard shift at work, and feel so much better physically, which will also help greatly when Violet comes home.  I feel like everything is falling into place and I am so excited!!  Thanks to having a terrific boss, I know that my travel in February will be no issue, and I am excited to go back to the beautiful country my little one currently calls home.  I have recently found cookbooks about the food from her country, and plan to learn some recipes to make the transition to the new culture a little easier.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate everyone that has helped me get to this place.  I never could have done it without your support!!  I love you all!