Friday, March 18, 2016

Great news!!

Hello All!!

I have heard from my agency that I have tentative travel dates for the end of this month.  This is so exciting!  We could potentially be home by the end of April.  I am so lucky that I have kind, generous coworkers who have gifted me some vacation time that I can use for maternity leave as my company does not offer it for adoptions.

I still owe my agency $4500, and travel expenses...I'm guessing to be about $2000...conservatively. As I have little time left, I am reopening my puzzle fundraiser...I have a Wizard of Oz puzzle...was using it as a fundraiser in the past...only got about 15 donations on the pieces...for a $5 donation to my FSP, comment your name on this blog, and I will put your name on the back of a puzzle piece to show Violet you helped bring her home!  Angeline VanHalle is also having an Origami Owl fundraiser to help bring Violet home, and any purchases there are greatly appreciated!  The link is here:

Any help you could throw our way is appreciated!!  And the offer still stands...when my FSP reaches 12,500, I will share my little one's name!

I am thinking I will be fully funded at $17,825 on the FSP.  I often wonder if I will be able to make it, but it has amazed me how far we've come in the last few months.  Thank you to all who have donated, prayed and sent good vibrations our can never know what this has meant to me, and to Violet!  Love to all of you eternally!!


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  1. Hi Ali, I am so excited to read that Violet is almost home. She is so sweet. We are thinking about you on this journey. Love, Sarah